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I’m a proud native of the Sunshine State and a passionate real estate professional. My real estate journey started after 13 successful years in the classroom, where I cultivated my skills in communication, and problem-solving. Now, as a Realtor at True Guidance Realty, I constantly strive to help my clients achieve their real estate goals with the same level of dedication and passion that I brought to teaching.

It's A Journey

Your Real Estate Journey, Your Way – We Walk the Path with You

We walk with you every step of your process, ensuring your real estate journey aligns with your vision. Your journey is unique, and we’re committed to meeting you where you are and asking the right questions to clearly understand your needs and wants.

"The key to a seamless real estate transaction is rooted in the client's trust, as it equips us to chart the course together with confidence and ease."

– Lydia Cromity

What To Expect When Working With Me...

More than just a salesman: I view my role as an educator, a guide, and a resource provider. My aim is to equip you with all the necessary information and tools to help you make an informed decision.

A dedicated problem solver: I draw upon proven facts, my professional expertise and an array of options to help my clients and navigate any challenge that may arise.

Intentional in my actions: Gathering the right information from you by asking the right questions. My intention is to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Real Estate

Pet Peeve

Nooo it’s stuck.

Keys getting stuck in the door during a showing.

My Life's


The Place I Call


Currently residing in Jacksonville, FL. Some of my favorite spots include Cooper’s Hawk, Cowford Chophouse, Target, & Impact Church.

My Real Estate


I have a soft spot for outdoor living spaces that come complete with a kitchen, a dining/lounge area, a pool, and a fire pit.

After Hours


When I’m off-duty, you can find me shopping, dining at my favorite restaurants, or cheering on my daughters at their sports games.

My Happy


Nothing helps me unwind more effectively than immersing myself in a good book or enjoying brunch with my family.




Walk-In Closet

Walk-In Pantries

Screened-in Patio



Bedrooms by front door

Bar-top counters

No bathtub in the house

Let Me Introduce You to My Team

The importance of having the right team during your real estate journey cannot be overstated. Our team brings expertise, guidance, personalization, efficiency, advocacy, transparency, and trust to your real estate process. Some real estate transactions can get complex and having a knowledgeable team that is not afraid of going above and beyond is crucial to help prevent unnecessary stress.

Consider It Closed
Transaction Coordinator
Consider It Closed
Transaction Coordinator

TC Serves as a crucial intermediary, managing paperwork, coordinating tasks, and keeping all parties informed to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Companies Vary
Home Inspector
Companies Vary
Home Inspector

Their role is to examine a property, assess its condition, and provide an impartial report to the buyer. This report helps the buyer make an informed decision.

Companies Vary
Companies Vary

Their role is to enhance a property's visual appeal and marketability by recommending changes in decor, and furniture arrangement, depersonalizing the space and aesthetics.

Companies Vary
Lender / Mortgage Broker
Companies Vary
Lender / Mortgage Broker

Their role is to offer financial assistance to homebuyers, assess borrower eligibility, specify loan terms, and manage the financial aspects of the purchase.

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Choose facts and experience over guesswork. We’re here to provide tailored solutions, resources and unwavering support. We meet you where you are, Don’t underestimate the possibilities. Let’s connect and turn your real estate goals into reality.


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